E-Book, Study Aids for Open Bible Stories, Story 43 The Church Begins, A Bible Story from the Book of Acts.

The Book of Acts speaks of the beginning of the Christian church through the early followers of Jesus Christ. This bible story is a perfect example of how God can change the world through the faith and obedience of his people.

The story starts with the apostles gathered in Jerusalem after the ascension of Jesus. They were waiting for the promised power of the Holy Spirit, which would empower them to be witnesses of Christ. They prayed and waited together, and then the Holy Spirit came on them with tongues of fire. They spoke in tongues and began to proclaim the gospel in the streets.

One of the central figures in this story is Peter, the disciple of Jesus Christ. He was a fisherman before he met Jesus, and now he was one of the early church leaders. He boldly preached to crowds of people, performed miracles, and helped organize the church. His faith and leadership were instrumental in the success of the early church.

This bible story is important for believers today because it shows us the power of the Holy Spirit and the faithfulness of God. This story reminds us that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things when we trust him.

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